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Is Office Noise Holding Back Your Business?

The High Cost of Noisy Offices Distracting Workers

Are you looking for ways to cut costs and boost revenue? Have you ever considered how distracted, and therefore costly, your employees are?

Recent studies have shown that the average worker is distracted more than 2 hours every day. The culprits range from machinery noise to interruptions to co-worker chatter and more. However, by far the most reported problem at work is conversational distraction, which includes chats workers may or may not care to be part of but can’t seem to ignore. The unfortunate result is two-fold: 1) distracted workers are unproductive workers and 2) distracted workers are disengaged workers. Both unproductive and disengaged workers are not only unhappy and stressed, but they also cost companies billions of dollars annually due to errors, work just not getting done, and employee absenteeism and turn-over costs.

How Acoustic Treatments,Noise Cancellation, and Sound Masking Set You Apart

A study by the Towers-Perrin Group found a 52% gap in one-year operating income, when comparing companies with highly engaged employees versus companies whose employees have low engagement scores.

  • High engagement companies improved 19.2%
  • Low engagement companies declined 32.7% in operating income over the study period.

Would a 52% gap be enough to set you apart from your competition?

Furthermore, according to an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) study, workers in offices with even small acoustic treatments were:

  • 48% more focused on their work
  • 51% less distracted, resulting in
  • 10% fewer errors and a
  • 27% decrease in worker stress

VoiceArrest Sound Masking SystemIn contrast, Cornell University found that workers in environments with high noise levels made 40% fewer attempts to solve difficult problems as a result of the difficulty in focusing on that problem. In 11 surveyed buildings, 80% of workers felt that the noise levels distracted them and hindered their ability to get their work done….interestingly, 81% of their supervisors had no idea how they felt.

The bottom line is that office noise costs. It costs your business and it costs your employees. If you’d like see more engaged workers and therefore a step ahead of your competition, contact us today for a no-obligation custom-engineered speech privacy solution.

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