Surveillance/CCTV Services in Denver & Chicago

High quality Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems provide extra security for your space to decrease loss from theft, vandalism, and liability. Whether it’s a traditional Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system or a high-quality IP camera network system, Wired Technologies, Inc. can design and implement a system that will cater to your specific needs.

Analog Systems

Not only do Analog CCD Cameras not require a bandwidth, there is also less overall maintenance as there is no IP traffic management or programming. Analog video is not subject to networking issues or risks, and they operate well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Analog cameras can function on existing coaxial cables, but new technology allows us to transmit analog video, power, and data well over a mile on Category cabling.

IP Camera Systems

IP technology is already utilized in most networks, making it a cost effective option. Not only can it be installed with your existing network and cabling, but it also eliminates the need for tapes as video is stored on hard drives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can monitor the video, therefore reducing the requirement for human monitoring, and software algorithms can monitor data, behavior, objects, and track people across multiple cameras, among other features. With IP Camera Systems you receive superior quality due to higher megapixel sensors, resulting in a sharper and more color balanced picture quality that can be viewed and recorded from anywhere. If IP technology is being introduced into your infrastructure for the first time, it is certainly a secure investment for the future.

HD-SDI & Hybrid Systems

When upgrading to an HD-CCTV system you do not need significant modification to the existing CCTV system cabling. By leaving the existing coaxial cables and just replacing the camera and recorder, you can obtain an image nearly seven times higher in quality. While there is not wireless solution available yet for HD-CCTV, the cameras do deliver the overall highest quality HD live views. HD-SDI is a digital interface that provides HDTV signals devoid of any compression artifacts or transmission-related delays. By combining your current Analog CCTV system with video encoders, you acquire beneficial functions such as remote accessibility, analytics, scalability, superior image quality, and future proof functionality for integration.



Why Choose Wired Technologies

We understand you have many quality options when choosing a communications contractor, but what separates Wired Technologies from the competition?

The Wired Technologies, Inc. team has over 20 years of accumulative low voltage experience. The knowledge and experience gained over those years enables us to understand the needs of our customers, and translate them into practical, cost-effective, quality solutions.

Our expertise allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled service. We maintain a business with the highest level of ethics and operate with integrity and honesty.

Over the years we have effectively proven ourselves as a reliable and knowledgeable company. We have built a successful client base that continues to grow. View some of our trusted clients.

With our expansion into the Mountain States, we now have two offices and cover most of the Midwest as well.

We are entirely committed to our customers as we started our business from the love and passion in our work. Attention to detail and aesthetics is a large part of our focus. Our installers are not only good at what they do, but they are the masters of their trade.

When hiring Wired Technologies, Inc. you can be sure that you will receive honest suggestions with quality and efficacy at the forefront. We design and implement our project to best serve you.


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