Wireless Network Services in Denver & Chicago

Wired Technologies, Inc. is your source for professionally customized network design created specifically for your needs. The development, installation, and configuration we provide takes each wireless solution from start to finish. We have successfully installed wireless networks nationwide for clients in the Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality markets.

Implementation of wireless network can be a daunting task, therefore we break it down into three separate steps to help the client understand the process and to ensure a flawlessly functioning system.

Cabling / Wireless Surveys

Step 1 - Because we deal with obstacles such as invisibility and the uncertainty of RF propagation, the network planning process can sometimes be quite complicated. Depending on your specific needs, your facility will undergo a comprehensive site survey by a highly trained Wired Technologies, Inc. tech and the best solution will be determined based on the findings.

Firstly we will perform a radio frequency (RFID) test, and if you are adding new wireless LAN into an existing network, we will plan the integration of that as well. After determining access point placement, a materials and Wireless Lan equipment list will be established. During the second site survey the cabling needs will be determined and the Main Distribution Frames and Intermediate Distribution Frames will be identified. At this point we will locate access point pathways and where the cable runs will exist.

Provide Solution and Quote

Step 2 - Wired Technologies, Inc. will provide a comprehensive summary report that contains a wireless LAN solution for your facility. We will provide equipment recommendations as well as the full materials list necessary for the project, and together we will build a satisfactory quote to fit your budget needs.

Install, Calibrate and Verify

Step 3 - The last step of the Wireless Network life-cycle begins with running cables to all access point locations. The Wired Technologies, Inc. technician will mount all hardware and pull proper cables while maintaining a clean and neat visual aspect to your customized system. After installing all access points and the head-end equipment, the technician will complete a firmware configuration and confirmation of radio channel, SSID, and bit rate. Once IP address configuration is complete, your Wireless Network system will undergo a thorough verification process to ensure proper performance and customer satisfaction.



Why Choose Wired Technologies

We understand you have many quality options when choosing a communications contractor, but what separates Wired Technologies from the competition?

The Wired Technologies, Inc. team has over 20 years of accumulative low voltage experience. The knowledge and experience gained over those years enables us to understand the needs of our customers, and translate them into practical, cost-effective, quality solutions.

Our expertise allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled service. We maintain a business with the highest level of ethics and operate with integrity and honesty.

Over the years we have effectively proven ourselves as a reliable and knowledgeable company. We have built a successful client base that continues to grow. View some of our trusted clients.

With our expansion into the Mountain States, we now have two offices and cover most of the Midwest as well.

We are entirely committed to our customers as we started our business from the love and passion in our work. Attention to detail and aesthetics is a large part of our focus. Our installers are not only good at what they do, but they are the masters of their trade.

When hiring Wired Technologies, Inc. you can be sure that you will receive honest suggestions with quality and efficacy at the forefront. We design and implement our project to best serve you.


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